“That 60's Place’ journey started with a search for the best bacon baguette on the Isle of Wight leading to the then Octopus Garden café. Unfortunately  business took a turn for the worse and the café disappeared, the baguette was lost, a piece of Cowes history sunk without a trace or perhaps not. A seed of an idea continued my journey through time and relative dimension in space. What if The Beatles were the centre of planet earth in the 60's ? How many degrees of separation could there be?  How  were memories created and where is that bacon baguette? ‘So where to go, what to do?,’ I asked.

The answer blew in with the wind with old amusement arcade vacancy in Cowes and the journey continued. But how to go back in time, how would I get there? Not everyone could have a Tardis, but maybe  an Italian Job Mini or a VW camper, hippie van or splitty could do the job. My virtual journey ended up with a virtual online meeting with Stephen from Universal Classics in March 2015 to purchase a vdub that travelled from Brazil, via Manchester to Cowes,  a green mean split screen machine,not to be confused with a Blue Meanie or a Magical Mystical Bus.

By now the seed of an idea was sprouting! Even faster when I found the video of The Beatles playing ‘Ticket To Ride’ on Dr Who in 1965 as Vicki looked back from 1996 (really?) and commented on their days of ‘classical music’ fame. The movie Zulu starring Michael Caine is etched into my young memories as was a gift from my parents of my first push button cassette recorder and tape of Tom Jones, could they too be part of the 60's phenonemon? Were they somehow connected in The Beatle universe.

I met Mark of Memorabilia UK, who became a key source of collectibles on my journey, but still no bacon baguette! Writing to the BBC didn't shine any light on my search through time and relative dimension in space, then I met Andrew, a hobbyist and builder and eventually a Dalek invaded my living room along with a terracotta warrior and horse from Xian, China, but that's another story.

The conversion by another Andy of the green mean split screen machine into the sparkling red and white version today was enhanced with a bit of Owen carpentry magic. The love lounge and an eclectic mix of furniture of the era and iconic events bring home the 60’s feelings. So join us on a journey through time and space connecting with the bands, the music, the heartbeat of the sixties, the explosion of movies, television, fashion and design icons and quirky humour  all in the search for the lost bacon baguette.. or a crepe.. or a rosti..

A journey of discovery and memories, yours, mine, everyone's in That 60's Place.”